Meet The Leadership Team: Lizzie







The FairPlay leadership team is made up of 5 people who volunteer their time to lead and organize the many FairPlay members. Learn more about who they are by getting to know one of our leaders; Lizzie. Lizzie is an active member in the improv community and can be seen all over town performing, teaching and directing.


Why did you want to be part of the leadership team?

I wanted to be more active in changing the mentality surrounding the improv scene to create a more equitable playing ground for female identified improvisors. I decided I couldn’t complain about the state of things for women if I didn’t actually put my money where my mouth is; and while the work is difficult, it is also highly rewarding to see the amount of progress and conversation we have already achieved through this endeavor.

What are you most excited about in regards to FairPlayMN in the improv community?

I’m so energized by the conversation that’s come from this about how we can change the mentality of these spaces to give women and people of color a legitimate seat at the table.  There is a wonderful discussion constantly happening now in the hallowed theaters I love, and more and more, women are feeling like they can be heard and have their thoughts be taken seriously. I’m so excited by the shift in the classroom to making improv class a safe, respectful space and also giving theaters the ability to provide a better basis not only for their students but for those teaching. Productive conversation is at play now, and the more we speak, the better the state of things will become.


What do you like to do when you’re not improvising?

I love to teach and coach improv! It’s one of my favorite things to do, and it’s so rewarding and nurturing not only to help others make huge discoveries but also to continue to make them myself.  I also love hanging out with my husband and friends, and especially my dog Charlie. I love going to concerts and watching improv and getting in ridiculous arguments about movies. I also enjoy playing video games. A lot.

3 dumb words you like the sound of.

Derf. (sound of my dog barking)  YAS. Plumage.

Where can we see you perform?

Shrieking Harpies at the Twin Cities Horror Festival on the following dates/times:

Fri, Oct 25 @ 5:30pm
Sat, Oct 26 @ 8:30pm
Sun, Oct 27 @ 10pm
Wed, Oct 30 @ 11:30pm
Sat, Nov 2 @ 2:30pm

How many improvisers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

6. One to name the location, one to become the stool, one to become the lightbulb, one to explain how best to screw it in, one to accuse the other of intellectual theft and one to light the room on fire.