Boundaries Guidelines

One of the issues presented most frequently in the improv community regards the structure of a boundaries discussion. We have had several requests for a clear and defined method around discussing personal and group boundaries. In order to address this topic, we met with a small group of interested folks, came up with some basic ideas, and then tested these ideas with several groups of improvisers. From there, we created the “levels of intimacy” and “Boundaries conversation guidelines” posters as well as a detailed brochure.  All of these are downloadable, and FairPlay offers the following recommendations for use:

  1. Theater venues should print the two posters and hang them in a visible place where performers can reference them. In addition they should print several copies of the brochure and/or make the brochure easy to download on the performer page of their website.
  2. Theater venues should alert new teams performing in their venues to these boundary guidelines and recommend new teams use them before putting their show up on stage.
  3. Directed shows within a theater should be required to use these guidelines before and after rehearsals and shows to create an expected and accepted vocabulary and tradition of conversation in the venue.
  4. Teachers should use these boundaries guidelines and alert their students to the existence of these materials. Teachers should stay on Level A intimacy in their classrooms and use these materials to reinforce appropriate behavior with students.
  5. Teams should use these guidelines to start a conversation with their team regarding boundaries, and come up with a consistent practice of checking in before and after rehearsals and shows.
  6. Individuals should bring these materials to their team, teachers, directors if they notice that these guidelines are not being used/followed, or the group has not yet been introduced to these practices
  7. All questions regarding the use of the materials can be sent to us at Especially if you have constructive feedback to improve these guidelines and make them more useful for the community.

Please feel free to use these posters and brochure to help create and maintain a safe and healthy community.

Downloadable Conversation Guidelines Brochure



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