Changing Course

Over the past several months, the FairPlay leadership team has been putting out the call about electing new team members for 2019 and beyond. We chose to do an election because we wanted to make sure the WTFNB improvisers in our community felt like FairPlay represented their interests, and that their voices were being heard in the process. We also wanted to hold elections to give ourselves a chance to step back from leadership if necessary, and make sure our team always has fresh voices to contribute.

We have noticed that there has not been much interest in the election process for the 2019 year, so we would like to change course and find a solution that works better for the community. Some of the things we have heard from folks is that they are concerned about the time commitment, that they don’t want to participate in an election process, and that elections are inherently bias against People of Color. These are all valid concerns and we are hoping we can work to find a better solution to bring more folks into the fold and allow for more voices to be heard.

For reference, here is some greater information on what it means to be a FairPlay leadership team member or consultant.

What does joining the FairPlay Leadership Team entail time-wise?

  • Monthly in-person meetings (approx two hours/month) to discuss agenda items which may include: reports of harassment received, budget, hot topics seen/heard in the community, updates on previously addressed situations, creating educational materials, outreach progress, etc..
  • Frequent communication via the Slack communication platform (approx 1-2 hours/week depending on time constraints and happenings that week).
  • Additional time as needed when reports come in; time may be spent discussing with the group, researching options, communicating with survivors, theaters and harassers, etc..
  • In-person conversations with community members (we are frequently approached while out in the community).
  • Self-care is an essential priority, and we all have multiple responsibilities in our lives. While the above time commitment is generally expected, short breaks can be taken as needed, as long as they are communicated to your team members.

What does it look like to be a FairPlay consultant?

  • Monthly check-ins with leadership team during meetings (can be done digitally)
  • Expectation of follow-through on assigned items or volunteered items.
  • Good communication skills, checking in with the leadership team and being honest about limitations and abilities.
  • Attendance to an in-person meeting at least twice in the year.

We are looking for both feedback on the process of adding new leadership team members, as well as a better understanding of how WTFNB folks would like to be involved in FP moving forward. Below is a form we are hoping you will fill out to let us know your thoughts and interest level. The form can be anonymous, if you have feedback you would like to offer but do not want to be identified. 

Please fill out the form here!

Thank you all for your support – we love this community and want to do whatever we can to grow with it!

Sally, Hannah, Gubby, Lizzie and Sarah
FairPlay Leadership Team