Leadership Team Changes

FairPlay MN was formed in 2015 after the five original Leadership Team members (Hannah Wydeven, Sarah Busch, Gubby Kubik, Sophie Brossard and Lizzie Gardner) stepped up to lead our mission in claiming equitable space for women, trans, femme and non-binary improvisers on and off stage. In the past four years our Leadership Team has seen changes – the loss of the wonderful Sophie Brossard who relocated to France, and the addition of the highly committed Sally Foster.

We have always embraced the opportunity to have fresh eyes on a mission that sometimes feels more massive than we can tackle; working on the Leadership Team of FairPlay is a personally rewarding experience that we find undeniably important, but it is not without strain and emotional labor. At times, we have each taken a step back from the Leadership Team so that we can come back feeling refreshed and reinvigorated –we have always encouraged caring just as much for ourselves as we do for our communities and those who need our help.

In that vein, today we announce with mixed feelings that two of our beloved Leadership Team members, Sarah Busch and Gubby Kubik, will be stepping down from their positions with FairPlay (effective today). Don’t worry – we’ve known about this for a while and have been preparing for the shift in our team! We are still actively working on finding new additions to our Leadership Team, and have several exciting changes we will be announcing soon… but for now, let’s celebrate Sarah and Gubby.

Over the last five years, Sarah has brought a wealth of knowledge in the fields of communications, fundraising, and social work to our team. Sarah is currently serving as


Sarah Busch

the Development Associate at Missions, Inc —  a nonprofit social service organization working to make change possible for people whose lives have been disrupted by domestic violence, addiction and alcoholism, or illness and disability. Her tireless work to assist those at a critical juncture in their lives carried over to her work with FairPlay. She was often our voice of reason, a calming presence on the Leadership Team, and helped us enormously when it came to crafting carefully worded responses to reports of harassment and abuse.



Gubby Kubik

Gubby has brought an instructor’s patience, keen eye for detail, and a strong focus on the importance of inclusivity and intersectional feminism to our board. Working as an Itinerant Teacher of students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing at Intermediate District 917, Gubby provides care and resources when considering the impact of hearing loss on language, communication and functional skill development. Gubby’s expertise in creating access has easily transferred over to their role on our team, and reminded us to approach all situations with an even keel, judgment free, and mindset of acceptance above all else. They have pushed us to remember that every human is different and needs to be cared for in different ways, and their experience as a teacher has lead us to success in teaching our community about things like boundaries and consent. Gubby has also been a celebrated improv teacher at HUGE Theater for almost three years, and has been performing and studying improv for many years beyond that.

To say that our team will miss Sarah and Gubby is an understatement, but they have taught us so much about leadership, teamwork, friendship and acceptance that we will continue to apply going forward. Please join us in thanking them for everything they have done to better and strengthen our community!