An Open Letter Regarding Corey Adam

An Open Letter to the Stand Up Community Regarding Corey Adam:

FairPlay MN has received multiple reports about a stand up comedian named Corey Adam. Adam frequently performs and hosts shows in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud area. The allegations in these reports point to a history of verbal and physical harassment, sexual assault, online harassment, abuse of power, and manipulation. 

These reports allege behaviors that take place over many years, and describe behaviors that are ongoing and pervasive. To our knowledge these cases have not been brought to a formal court. However, Adam himself has substantiated some of these claims on his personal Facebook page, as well as on the Steel Toe Radio show on 6/30/2020 through Radio 101.

While Adam has admitted to some of his problematic behavior, there are many more instances he has not acknowledged. He has not taken any steps to remedy his behavior, or remove himself from the community in which he has endangered so many womxn. 

On behalf of the womxn who reported Corey Adam, we have several asks

  • Acme comedy club no longer employ Adam, nor allow him to perform there. 
  • Radio 101 removes his show from their lineup. 
  • All other stand-up venues remove him from booking now and in the future. 
  • All comedy clubs in Minnesota develop a comprehensive sexual harassment policy, with explicit, transparent protocols when reports are made. 

We acknowledge that a boycott of Acme Comedy Co would negatively impact many BIPOC performers that perform there. Instead, we ask that they remove Corey Adam immediately, and institute policies to ensure the safety of their performers and audience members.

Action Step:

Contact Acme Comedy Co at (612) 338-6393

Sample script: “I am calling with concern over multiple allegations made against an Acme performer, Corey Adam. I demand that you remove Corey Adam from your booking, and no longer employ him. I call on you to create a transparent policy around sexual harassment and assault that addresses instances  within your venue, as well as those perpetrated by your performers and employees.”

If you would like to share a report about Corey Adam, or any other instance, please fill out our report link, which can be completed anonymously.


The FairPlay MN Leadership Team