About Fair Play

Fair Play MN; claiming equitable space for all women-trans-femme-nonbinary improvisers.

Fair Play is a collective of W-T-F-NB improvisers in the Twin Cities who have come together to address the issues in our community. We love the improv community in Minnesota and want to make it as strong as it can possibly be.

Goals of the Organization

  1. Create an improv community that is accessible, inclusive, and equitable to all, regardless of gender identity.
  2. Shift the improv community’s culture away from its traditional cis-male-dominated roots and towards a culture that is responsive to the diversity in the improv community and where individual identities are celebrated, not merely tolerated.
  3. Identify, call attention to, and condemn instances of sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in the Twin Cities improv community.
  4. Make room for women-trans-femme-nonbinary folks as leaders in the improv community.
  5. Disseminate practical tools to teams, coaches, and theaters to provide guidance for how to create more equitable spaces.

Our Values

  1. WTFNB voices need to be amplified within the improv community. WTFNB voices are intentionally privileged within this space.
  2. We are a women/trans/femme/nonbinary-friendly group.
  3. We acknowledge the intersectionality of many forms of oppression and recognize that our work needs to include and empower all WTFNB folks, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, income, or country of origin.
  4. We believe in improv as an art form where there are limitless opportunities that uplifts every person, creates a better reality, and questions the reality we live in now.
  5. The philosophy of “yes and” can provide equal opportunity and respect for all improvisors on stage and off.
  6. Sexual harassment and assault are never the survivor’s fault and we will not invalidate any survivor’s feelings. Survivors are never responsible for remedying a harasser’s behavior. We will not be forced to choose between improvising with harassment or not improvising at all.
  7. Improvisors of all genders deserve equal respect on and off stage.


Please see the contact/report section of this site if you’d like to report or document anything concerning you’ve seen or witnessed, ranging from problematic content to overt sexual harassment and discrimination (and everything in between/not mentioned).

If you’d like more information on who we are, then please Meet the Leadership Team!